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How to Easily Increase Your Vaughan Home's Curb Appeal this Holiday Season


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Curb appeal is easily achieved during spring, summer and fall when trees are in blossom, flowers are in bloom and grass is green.

But then comes winter – and with it, snowy conditions, cold temperatures and grey skies.

Although it can be more difficult to achieve, it’s still possible to have an eye-catching exterior during the frigid months, too. Follow the following five tips to increase the curb appeal of your Vaughan home this holiday season.


Keep It Tidy


Even if you do nothing else to increase your Vaughan home’s curb appeal, you should keep your property well kept.

Neatly store toys, shovels and lawn equipment away after use and strategically organize your garage.

After each snowfall, be sure to clear the snow from your sidewalks, front walkway and driveway. Not only does this help keep the paths to your home clear and safe but it also makes your home more appealing to passersby.


Update the Essentials


Take a look at your current mailbox. Has the paint started chipping or fading?

Bring it inside to warm up before applying a coat of spray paint. After a couple of coats, stand back to admire your fresh, “new” mailbox.

The same goes for your house numbers. Invest in updated, weather-resistant house numbers that complement your front entrance and make it easy for people to identify your home – whether it’s snowing or not.


Add Some Lighting


If a Christmas light display isn’t quite your style, there are other ways to add brightness to your home this holiday season!

String lights can be easily suspended from trees or used in decorative lanterns around your front door to create a soft, enchanting glow.

Have a covered porch? Install a fun new light on your porch that can tolerate frigid temperatures. Chandeliers aren’t meant for only indoors!

Besides decorative lighting, functional lighting can go a long way in adding curb appeal. Downward soffit lighting can improve visibility on slippery surfaces while casting a warm glow onto the snow.


Use Colour


Beat the winter blahs by painting your front door a cheerful colour. Choose a beautiful wreath to decorate it to add an understated elegance to your home.

Decorations around your front door in the form of shiny garden ornaments or painted wooden signs can also help add some cheer to your entrance.

And don’t forget about your unused urns from the fall! Planters made from durable materials are perfect for housing cold-hardy perennials and evergreen branches. To complement the Christmas season, add some sparkly picks to your arrangements.


Feed the Birds


Not all birds fly south during the winter! Purchase and install an attractive bird feeder to hang in your front yard. Seeing the bright shades of birds’ feathers against a white landscape can help beautify your property.


Enhancing your home’s curb appeal is especially important if you are planning to sell your home this winter. To learn more about the Vaughan real estate market, contact our professional team today.